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A solution suggested by Kevin (Thank you, Kevin)

Hi Kaz:

Your website has been an excellent starting point for me in working with DDE and I just wanted to thank you for putting the code and the information on the internet.

Also I’d like to take a stab at starting to solve your problem with updating every WORD document while using DDE. Recently I had a similar problem when using SAS’s  automatic emailing feature with outlook. Below is a sample of my code.

filename mail email xxx@xxx.com

            subject="Automatic Email Scheduling"

            attach="C:\proc SQL Manual\prod.xls";


data _null_;

  file mail;

Put "Hi Kevin:";

Put "This is an automated email proceedure I have developed using SAS.";

Put "There Should be a file called PROD.XLS attached.";

Put "We should be able to use this program to weekly mailout of VIIV sampling instructions to the regions.";

Put " ";

Put "Your Friends, SAS 9.1, and Kevin";


Anyway when I would run the job Outlook would think it was being hijacked by a virus and would ask me if really wanted to send the email. If I had one hundred different emails to send I would have to hit yes 100 times.  A developer at my work came up with the following small registry edit which solved the problem:

The file named outlook_overide.reg  contained the following lines of text.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00






Instead of creating the registry program with the highlighted text you could just goto [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Security] and make the adjustment yourself.

So what happens now when I run your program???

Unfortunately I still don’t think the everything is quite right yet, because I did try running your SAS program for the BMI calculation after changed my registry and while I no longer am asked to if I want to save the file I get the following error.


The error in the script is listed as:


Anyway hope this helps.

Regards and thanks for your help with DDE


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