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Run Winsteps through SAS but in a completely batch mode

In other places of this website, I wrote about how to run Winsteps in a batch mode through SAS, but I failed to write syntax that is perfect.  With my old syntax, you would have to sit in front of a computer and click off a DOS prompt--each time one run of Winsteps is over, so you let the next run of Winsteps.  Eric Van Lante and I have been working on a SAS program that has to run Winsteps hundreds of times and finally we had to figure out how to run Winsteps in a complete and absolute batch mode.
This below is the batch mode you can rely on.  Please ignore some macro parts of the syntax (e.g., &).  The idea is to use the right option and also use the START /WAIT statement to run Winsteps.

option noxwait xsync;
x  "START  /WAIT &win BATCH=YES  &WD&scale..con &WD&scale.1.out data=&storage.&scale.B&i..dat NEWSCORE=1112 xfile=&XF.rc1b&i..xf ";
x  "START  /WAIT &win BATCH=YES  &WD&scale..con &WD&scale.1.out data=&storage.&scale.B&i..dat NEWSCORE=1122 xfile=&XF.rc2b&i..xf ";
x  "START /WAIT &win BATCH=YES  &WD&scale..con &WD&scale.1.out data=&storage.&scale.B&i..dat NEWSCORE=1123 xfile=&XF.rc3b&i..xf ";
x  "START /WAIT &win BATCH=YES  &WD&scale..con &WD&scale.1.out data=&storage.&scale.B&i..dat NEWSCORE=1222 xfile=&XF.rc4b&i..xf ";
x  "START /WAIT &win BATCH=YES  &WD&scale..con &WD&scale.1.out data=&storage.&scale.B&i..dat NEWSCORE=1223 xfile=&XF.rc5b&i..xf ";
x  "START /WAIT &win BATCH=YES  &WD&scale..con &WD&scale.1.out data=&storage.&scale.B&i..dat NEWSCORE=1233 xfile=&XF.rc6b&i..xf ";

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